About Our Staff

We have a number of staff that work with us in our Kitchens that join us on the catering events and others that have worked with us over the seasons.  Our team are happy to work in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and beyond and enjoy working for a catering company that looks after them every bit as well as the clients…well almost!

Jemma assists Joannah in the office and heads up the team on site ensuring everything down to the smallest detail is noted and checked.  Linda and Mel who work alongside Tony, enjoy catering at all the different events and the challenges that these catering events bring.

All staff are provided with a uniform in our corporate colours to ensure they are well presented and meet our high standards.

Quality Service

Cuisine Studio look for personality over experience in building their team.  They are trained to provide a high quality service at both small and large events; from formal weddings to informal family barbecues and from corporate functions to funerals.  They are fully briefed prior to every event, to ensure they are well versed on the menu and format for the day, including any special dietary requirements your guests may have.

Our staff work in a professional and unobtrusive way and you will see from our testimonials that our customers and their guests often comment on the quality service our staff provide.  They are well aware they are our Ambassadors and high quality service is key.