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Fabulous Fish Canapés

We always aim to give our customers a fantastic variety of canapés, whether we are offering them as a first course for a wedding reception or a substantial selection for a cocktail party.  Fish canapés much a wonderful addition to any catered event.

Caviar on savoury shortbread - wedding canapés

Fabulous fish canapés - Cuisine Studio wedding canapés



This weekend, we catered for a charity event in Orpington on Friday, a wedding in Matfield on Saturday and a birthday party in Kilndown on Sunday.

All guests enjoyed a delicious selection of canapés, including some elaborate fish canapés and seafood, with Crab Shots, Caviar on Savoury Shortbread, Assorted Sushi and Lobster on Hollandaise




Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2015