My goodness, what a day! Saturday for us was just perfection from start to finish! You both and the fabulous team that makes up Cuisine Studio were fabulous. You should be very proud as it was a seamless operation. 

Throughout the drinks reception the team offered the most divine and delicious canapes. Such as a glorious selection all beautifully presented and what a lovely friendly group they were. 

How sensible to wear the fabulous pink tops- it made it so easy to see you all and made for an even brighter gathering. 

Joannah you were amazing co-ordinating the whole event. We were so impressed with your calm professional efficiency in everything you did. 

Then- the meal- so delicious all served with beautiful vegetables then the three scrumptious puddings. As mentioned on the telephone, so many people have commented on how utterly delicious everything was. 

Thank you seem completely inadequate considering all that you did. Both my husband and I were able to totally relax as the party took place around us- which is exactly what you’d said would happen! 

To the Dream Team with love and best wishes